About Rapsodo RapScore

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Rapsodo RapScore

RapScore is a proprietary technology that was created as the standard scale for player development and recruiting. It is a baseball and softball scouting tool built to rank any baseball or softball player in the world.

What is a RapScore?

In collaboration with Driveline, RapScore was developed as the first standardized score for baseball and softball scouting and recruiting. Utilizing a 20-80 scale, RapScore provides a quantifiable way to compare athletes of all ages.

Compete with top prospects

RapScores help baseball and softball scouts identify player talent without physically seeing a player perform. Scouts and players alike can view top scores on the Rapsodo National Player Database and see where players rank amongst their peers.

How do you get a RapScore?

A RapScore requires players to complete a standardized and scripted bullpen or batting session at a Rapsodo Certified facility or event. The Rapsodo video function will be required during all Certified tests to ensure there is a breakdown of the athlete’s mechanics with verified data.

What do you get?

Players that complete the RapScore test will have their score listed on the National Player Database and receive the videos from their RapScore session. Additionally, they will get a PDF report that shows their RapScore along with performance breakdowns for each data point. The RapScore Recruiting Package can easily be shared with college coaches and scouts.

RapScore Scale for Player Evaluation

RapScore is one scale made up of four tiers to accurately rank players from all experience levels. No matter the level, each player who completes a verified session will receive a RapScore number that compares them to players within their tier, as well as the tier above. Through this ranking system, coaches will now be able to rely on RapScore to identify, evaluate and compare players with a data driven number that is a standard benchmark to use across the industry.

Understanding the RapScore Player Evaluation

RapScore uses Rapsodo’s existing HITTING and PITCHING technology to quantify a player’s personal metrics, and utilizes the principles of the 20-80 scale to rank players amongst their peers and evaluate performance. RapScore’s pitching algorithm compares an individual’s pitch metrics to the ideal form of that pitch type. At the end of the session, a player’s RapScore is calculated based on dynamic weighing of the pitches thrown. Hitting RapScore is determined using a player’s max and average exit velocity as well as launch angle throughout a certified session. These session metrics are compared by the athlete’s level and accurately placed on the 20-80 scale.

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Players that complete a System 33 Metric Showcase will have a Player Profile created for them on the System 33 website. The Player Profile will include player information along with their System 33 Metric Score. By signing up for the monthly subscription, you will unlock many more features including:

  • National Percentile
  • State Percentile
  • 60 time
  • Max Exit Velocity
  • Max Arm Velocity
  • Rapsodo Metrics
  • Pro Agility
  • Vertical Jump
  • 30 Yard Dash
  • Grip Strength
  • Pop Time
  • Videos
  • Access to College Coaches
  • Ability to Upload Videos

2022 System 33 Scheduled Events

System 33 events are held across the country and provide an opportunity players can’t get anywhere else. Each event is a snapshot of that player’s metrics at a given time. With 7 events throughout the summer, a player can track their progress as they develop. Take advantage of your chance to utilize this new tool in player development.

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